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People don’t want to hear about sex and herpes, do they?

Why sharing those things that embarrass us, can heal us…. “Chris, I liked the article you wrote for the paper,” my neighbor and friend Rob Anderson said. “Yeah, but just as I figured, they took out the mention of ‘herpes.’” (I … Continue reading

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Why I like hanging out with lesbians

Well, let me tell you why that is wrong. As Reno goes from winter to summer, I’m anxious to start our almost fanatical four months of non-stop weekend trips: either camping out at Pyramid Lake in the Nevada desert or boating at Lake Tahoe. Jim usually begs for … Continue reading

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Timberlake Tuesday and other “old school” marketing ideas that work

Rewarding our loyal customers … doesn’t have to be about hard dollars, but creating a more “thoughtful” experience with us. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. It is as old school as talking face-to-face, instead of texting or emailing … Continue reading

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7 deadly reasons why you need to get off your arse & stand up now

Sitting at our desks can kill us … so I put my money where my ass is and takes the challenge. Special Note: I just transferred my blog powerof38 to my own site If you are reading this off … Continue reading

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Spousal amnesia, selective hearing, mind reading: marital communication

Back-story: We upgraded our 30-year old RV to a 20-year old RV. Mechanic-minded husband wants to go through new/old RV to make sure it is mechanically sound (even though we have ALREADY bought it) as I’m the one that will … Continue reading

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