I will tell your story.

Simply, like friends or colleagues chatting over coffee.

And then they’ll say, “I’m sold. Tell me more!”

Let me tell your story (and increase your profits!).

You’d think it would be easy for you to tell your own story, right? You know your  business inside and out. You’re passionate about it. But when it comes to telling the world how great your business is, well, most of the time it comes out looking like a lot of words about YOU and not about the person you are trying to persuade to buy your service.

You’re super excited about what you have created … how do you stop talking about “me, me, me” and really convey to folks why your business will solve their problem? Meet a need? How do you show them the “win” it for them?

That’s where I come in. I tell your story in your own words, in your own voice …

Would you rather be doing what you do best than worrying about what’s on your website? Would you rather be doing what you love to do, than wondering if your communications are working for you? Leave the marketing and the persuasive copy to someone who loves to write sales copy.

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Let your website, your direct mail, your social media sites work for you all the time. Use proven copy-writing and marketing services that will drive more sales leads and increase your profits. Stop spending money on advertising to non-targeted audiences or giving away your product or services at huge discounts.

Call me today at 775-741-1090 when you need persuasive copy written, for any type of medium, that will drive business.

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