Really? You don’t like my homemade cranberry sauce? Oh, yes, it’s Thanksgiving again

Really? You don’t like my homemade cranberry sauce? Oh, yes, it’s Thanksgiving again

Last night, husband Jim told me that “everyone” preferred the store-bought jellied cranberry sauce over my homemade sauce. He’ll deny that he said it exactly like that. He might even deny that he really meant it. But, I was in a severely cranky (and maybe hormonal) mood and it floored me.

I mean, I’ve known all these years, that his family does prefer canned, but I still insist on serving mine. Because after all these years, I still think I can convert them. And I believe, after 27 years of Thanksgivings, Jim should say that my sauce is superior and join me on my mission. Just because. Don’t you? I think he lost his primer on what you can and can’t say to your wife, especially when it’s around the holidays.

Oh well. The holidays. They are, at least with me, a bi-polar combination of great expectations, stress, loving moments and melancholy .  This year I’m thankful to be home, with Jim’s family coming over; and I’m especially happy that my brother will be joining us.

I wanted to share a post I did a few years ago about Thanksgiving to give you a laugh and maybe some perspective while you down a bottle of wine or two if you’re having a stressful time of it.

Another White Trash Thanksgiving

Very Happy Thanksgiving my friends. Wishing you the very best tomorrow and every day forward. And thank you for your continued support of my writing by reading my posts.


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7 Responses to Really? You don’t like my homemade cranberry sauce? Oh, yes, it’s Thanksgiving again

  1. Katy says:

    Thanks for the laughs, loved reading your White Trash Thanksgiving again. Have a wonderful holiday, glad to hear that your brother will be with you. Sending you love.
    btw, I bought canned, jellied cranberry sauce today

  2. Nyreen says:

    Does it help that I’ve never liked anyone’s homemade cranberry sauce better than the canned jellied type? People been trying for almost 40 years!
    Tomorrow will go fabulous as always! So glad Gil will be there! Give him out love – Bill really misses him.

    • Chris says:

      Yeah, I actually don’t know anymore who even likes it or if I killed any thought of it. Will miss you!

      • Annette says:

        Even since I moved to HK from NYC, I have not have a huge Thanksgiving party I used to have for a few years now. And I really miss that. Looking at your pics and redniag your party story make me wanting to go out and get a 30lbs turkey and bake it myself this Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I do not allow canned cranberries in my house. Tom’s family prefers it as well but I’m not as nice as you. They will eat whatever cranberry extravaganza sauce that I deem worthy or they will go without! I miss our white trash holidays ….. sometimes.
    Happy Thanksgiving, Stop by if you need a break

  4. Toby says:

    My first reply after reading and rereading your stories was too whiny. Half my family isn’t coming this year and I just spent nine months living with my now semi-invalid mother with whom I have always had a dysfunctional relationship. Your feelings hit more close to home than the last time I read about your white trash Christmas. So instead, I’ll just offer my family’s favorite cranberry sauce recipe. My style…homemade out of cans. One can of whole cranberry sauce. One can of crushed pineapple, one small bag of chopped walnuts. Mix. Chill. Eat. I can’t have Thanksgiving without it. Have a happy!

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