Separating Personal Self-Worth With Job Loss

My husband Jim showed me this piece of paper from his construction company that says he’s “necessary” just in case he gets pulled over for being on a job site. We kinda fake-laughed about it.

Nope, I don’t have such a paper. As a writer and marketer, it’s hard to feel “necessary” when my efforts aren’t driving revenue at the end of the day – although I keep on forgetting what day it is. But to be fair, even the best marketing and the best salespeople can’t generate income against an entire industry being shut down.

Sixteen million workers in America, are no longer producing for their companies, let alone bringing home the bacon for their families. I heard last night that one in ten Nevadans, my home state, are unemployed.

So many folks, for the first time in their careers, have filed for unemployment. And the rest of us still working are finding themselves wondering if their position will also be deemed “not necessary” or non-sustainable.

How do the unemployed and those holding their breath, put this into perspective and separate their personal self-worth with the loss of the job?

I caught up with Stephanie Somanchi, MBA, Ph.D., Raving Partner who specializes in Executive Coaching & Organizational Development and posed the following questions.

This is not about you, it’s about me … or is it really about me?

Stephanie, folks are being furloughed, some positions might be eliminated permanently. There’s going to be many that just may have to reinvent themselves as getting a job with a like company in the gaming industry won’t be there for a long time. They might be middle-aged and concerned about ageism on top of all that. How do you help folks like this deal with those doubts that they were let go because they just weren’t as valuable to the company as they could have been? What would you say to these people (um, okay, could be me … but I’m asking for a friend).

As the world has shifted so completely, it is important to remember that your value hasn’t changed in any way. Your value was never measured by what you did or how much you made, or the status of your job. Your value is innate, unquestionable and infinite. We often get it backward thinking that what we do gives us value. From your value you take action.

Your value is not in question. And from your unquestionable worth, you will find a way through this time. You will find answers that push your creativity to new levels. Your value, your innate worth is what is going to pull you through and what you create will be a by-product of you fully recognizing your true value. Self-doubt is a notice that you are believing the lie that what you did made you worthy. Your worth is already solid and from that place, you will find solutions.

That makes a lot of sense Stephanie and me and my friend feel better already. In your previous article, you mentioned that most of us feel better when we are in action mode … but we first need to acknowledge that we’ve experienced something pretty devastating. I believe you used the phrase, “WHAT THE BLOODY FLAMING HELL LEPRECHAUN EATING FOUL EXCREMENT IS THIS?!” After this acknowledgment, what is the right mindset and the positive action we can take to progress in a healthy manner?

One key that we must remember during this time is that we can’t simply wait around for life to return to normal before moving forward because we are in a brand new normal. Now is the time to pause and think about who you want to be in this new world. This time of shut down, where the world feels like it is on hold, is the time to try a new vision. This is the time to try on new ideas and new roles. Like most plans, the first version isn’t usually the one that sticks but if you’ve shifted to the mindset of change you’re going to be agile and forward-thinking and you’ll ride this wave of change to success. This is your opportunity for reinvention. It isn’t going to look like it did, so the risk in a new direction really isn’t that risky after all. It may just be your safest bet!

New Mindset
Much thanks to Stephanie for your wise and positive words. For all of our readers out there, we know that the world has changed forever … and that’s not just the end of the age-old casino buffet. In these times of change and hardship, please know that together, we will get through this. Together we will be a stronger industry and stronger individually. Let’s put on our thinking caps, maybe some new hats … you never know what opportunities lie ahead.

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