Testimonials & Clients

“Some writers are worth taking a chance on. There is no chance-taking with Chris Faria; she’s the real thing. She’s gifted. She’s passionate. She’s smart. She’s generous. If you want something more than that – good luck!” David Kranes, Playwright and Author

Testimonials from the Casino Gaming Industry

Slot Service Guard –Email sales campaign, ad copy, article development and editing

Jason Newkirk, President of Slot Service Guard and Midwest Representative to Acres 4.0, hired Raving to do a marketing campaign, with Chris being the consultant of record for the project. Chris produced an email marketing piece introducing his product to the industry as well as works with Jason on editing his individual marketing pieces. Jason shared:

 What can I say about Chris? Well … she can take my convoluted, hodgepodge ramblings and make them into something that will keep readers interested and entertained while still getting the point across. She takes the time to figure out what I want to say, then says it better than I ever could.

 “The first article Chris wrote about my product was done in such an effective manner that I had over 30 properties contact me within a week inquiring about the Slot Service Guard. It has been an honor working with and getting to know Chris, she is my new bud.”

Chris’ marketing & writing clients through Raving Consulting: Encompass Design, Develop, Construct; SportGame; All Star Incentive Marketing; CSG Direct; Transact Technologies; Jacobson Gaming; Chris Archunde Solutions Training Operations; DataAce; Nicole Barker Enterprises; Houston Productions; Deb Hilgeman, Ph.D.

Writing for non-gaming clients

Mahan Family Law Reno — Web Audit with strategic marketing recommendations

Cheeky Clothing, Jewelery and Accessories — Flyer copy, hostess invitationcheeky fb logos and varied marketing services.

“Over the past couple of years I’ve consulted with Christine Faria on how to more effectively develop my small women’s clothing retail business called Cheeky (www.youbecheeky.com).  As it’s my own business (and not a large corporate direct sales company), it’s up to me to do it all.  Alas, marketing is not my forte, it thus tends to fall by the wayside.

“Working with Chris has been incredibly valuable for me in that she has opened my eyes to my customer’s perspective.  She has a gift of understanding what they want and therefore, how to best present my offering/service (home parties) with juicy copy synthesized/organized in a compelling way.  Chris is passionate, super smart and a highly reliable woman who gets fired up over wanting you to succeed!  I highly recommend using her services.” Monica Wright, Cheeky~Clothing, Jewelry & Accessories

For writing and marketing services outside of gaming, please contact me at chris@ericas16.sg-host.com.

You can see my articles and press releases published in:

Casino Journal, Indian Country Today Media Network, Reno Gazette-Journal, Raving’s Solutions Magazine, Flash!Report and Perspectives Newsletter

Special Classes and Training

Writers @ Work Conference and Workshop, Utah, June 2012

TMCC Writers Conference, Nevada, April 2013

AWAI (American Artists & Writers, Inc.) Member and Bootcamp, October 2013

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