The Naughty Files: Viral Marketing, the Rock’s Arms and Other Fantasies

The Naughty Files: Viral Marketing, the Rock’s Arms and Other Fantasies

This past week, I have been working on a marketing piece for work exploring the

Do you see what I'm talkin' about?

Do you see what I’m talkin’ about?

unbelievable viral marketing success of Fifty Shades of Grey and how those same principles could be applied to casino marketing.

In my research, I read about the difference between male and female fantasy. One take was that women can fantasize all day, every day, about everything from Pablo the Pool Boy to designing a new kitchen and NOT act on the fantasy, whereas mens fantasies would most likely be followed up by action.

Where if a woman told her husband she was dreaming about a wet encounter with Pablo, he’d fire Pablo immediately, which would be oh, so totally unnecessary. Now if husband was having a fantasy about the nanny, well, letting her go would be a wise decision.

I admit, I do have a fantasy about a woman in my shower, but it involves her scrubbing my glass doors and the grout. And perhaps I share an extra Jamie Lee Curtis gene, as I did act on that fantasy and pay for it a few times before a big family holiday gathering. Satisfied I was not. So there you have it.

There was a SNL skit with the Rock and Amy Poehler a few years back. She was the toothless Hillbilly and the Rock was a doctor. Well, bottom line, she got on the examination table and started humping his big ole’ muscular arm.

I’d really like to do that.

I’d think I’d be pretty satisfied just with that, too. No long-term commitment.  No stalking afterwards.  Just a good time spent on a truly magnificent bicep. A couple of weeks ago, when Jim was working out-of-town, I rented Race to Witch Mountain just to get a glimpse at those bad boys.

And other fantasies I probably won’t act on … what is it when a guy pulls up on a

It does not really matter what is underneath the leather and helmet ....

It does not really matter what is underneath the leather and helmet ….

motorcycle at a stop light? Not the Harley dudes, that wear the partial helmets; we’re talking full face helmet with darkened visor, in all the gear: gloves, armored leather racing jacket and boots.

The totally HOT part of this vision is that most of the time you can see the riders hair curl up at the nape of his neck, where the helmet ends. They’ll be waiting for the red light, their feet planted on the ground with … one hand resting on his hip.  With me so far? Hair curling, hand on hip …

Well, what makes this a total fantasy is that you have no idea what the man behind the face-shield looks like. You can only see his pants stretched tight over his thighs, the armor-clad jacket giving him (need I say it, “Rock” arms) and sheesh, what a turn on.

Just don’t take off your helmet dude, I’m okay with that.

So ladies, what do you really want? What do you really want to read about?  Share with me sistas, it will go into my tickler (appropriate word) file for my book.

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One Response to The Naughty Files: Viral Marketing, the Rock’s Arms and Other Fantasies

  1. Sharon Alemar says:

    First things first, I read 50 shades & I was so completely annoyed by the bad writing & plot, not to mention the fact that author needs a thesaurus in the worst way & to quit watching Twilight or Pretty Woman (the characters were a perfect blend). As for the “steamy” scenes even that and it’s description became repetitive. That being said, I want a well rounded, realistic plot to tickle my fancy along with proper grammar & spelling…I know it’s a lot to ask from an author.

    I too, would love Rock’s bicep, also a huge fan of Taye Diggs & his abs. More than anything, I love a man’s man, fit, funny, but also knows how to make a lady feel like THE lady, after that, it all gets a little “steamy”.

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